Student LifeExams, Friends and Mid-Term Break

This past week I had exams…nine to be precise.

First up on Friday, we had Italian night at Hotel Institute Montreux. The school loves to prepare fun events that focus not only on studying, but also having fun while doing so. The pizza was very yummy.

Pizza Night at Hotel Institute Montreux

Figure 1 HIM staff preparing pizza for Italian Night

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A Wild Jungle Night in Africa

Banquet preparations at HIM Hotel Institute Montreux

Figure 2 Our entertainment team promoting our event.

If that’s not enough, we are designing a resort concept for a 200 day world-cruise with our team, in another class a hotel and outlining operations and defending case-studies. All in all, school is very action-oriented and fast-paced!

Student in Switzerland


For my Principles of Management presentation, we interviewed over 63 students between the age of 19-23 doing internships in Europe to collect and compile intriguing data focusing on student’s perspectives on leadership and management in the 21st century. We aimed at implementing over 9 management theories by famous managerial experts and theorists, giving us insight as to how we can become better leaders in today’s world.

After all the exams, we now have a weekend and long break (Thursday until next Monday). Many students are travelling to warm places, such as renting a villa in Ibiza, sun-tanning at Lake Como in Italy or enjoying tapas in Spain.

What am I doing? I think the usual stuff I do, which is probably the exact opposite of everyone else. I wake up at 5AM and work out at the gym. I had a personal trainer before I came to Switzerland so I’m following my old routines. Today was triceps, back and legs day.

Igor studies Hotel Management in Switzerland


Afterwards, I spent the day organizing my room, going shopping and taking care of chores, then really digging deep and doing some life and time management planning. I think these are the best times to get clear on purpose, bigger goals and life and what am I heading towards, whereas when school is going on, it’s very difficult to do so. I’m re-learning Tony Robbins, Time of Your Life, which throws conventional time management into the garbage and is a profound and new way to be able to not only achieve more, but also have more fulfillment doing so. I read Grant Cardone’s book 10X today as well and started on Think and Grow Rich.

Last but not least, I am, most importantly, working on my school projects this weekend to have excellent progress towards my final exams. I want to ensure I do an outstanding job and give it my absolute best effort.

Tomorrow, I will visit my friends and colleagues in Gstaad Palace, where I did my previous internship and will share those next week.

For now, thanks again for reading. Talk soon and my best regards,


Igor Miller, Hotel Institute Montreux

Igor Miller is a current student at Hotel Institute Montreux studying his Bachelor of Business Administration in Hospitality Management

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